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tubes - info

We offer the aluminium tubes  with caps .

Aluminium tubes are produced from aluminium slugs with a cold extrusion process.
These tubes give a complete barrier to light,gases, moisture, fats, oils, volatile chemicals and micro-organisms.
They are ideal for products that are sensitive to air and require shelf life after opening.

Aluminium tubes are mostly used for:
  •     pharmaceuticals ( ointments, antiseptic creams, gels)
  •     cosmetics ( hair dye, protection hand creams)
  •     food  ( fodd pastes, food spreads)
  •     household products ( adhesives, solvent cements, art paints)

cylindrical and conical

Nozzle types :
Thread with or w/o membrane
Splines with plastic nozzle
Thread with star shaped membrane
Long nozzle thread
Tamper-evident orifice
All our lines are equipped with up to 6-colour offset printing

Flat shoulder
With splines
With symbols for the blind

International lacquer: for protection of the product contents

External lacquer:
We follow customer reqests
Options: matte&gloss effect, glitter effect, pearlescent effect and other special effects

Offset printing up to 6 colours

More than 40 standard caps Conical, stand up, tamper evident
Various colours
Diffrent materials ( PE, PP)

Tube diameter: 13,5 mm-  40 mm