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special labels

Label security
The feature of these labels is that they cannot be peeled off and re-stick to the goods without leaving traces. The destruction of the label is a clear proof that someone unauthorized opened the package.Security labels are made from special foil that when you try to break them crumble to deform, delaminate or they leave the words VOID or STOP

Holographic labels
This specialist construction is created by transferring an extremely thick layer containing the Holographic security image onto frangible security paper.
Once set, the hologram is destroyed if removal is attempted. Holographic labels are a great label security solution

Labels with Braille inscriptions
The Ministry of Health introduced the obligation to identify medicinal products and information leaflets  enclosed to them with Braille alphabet already in 2009.
A Braille text label can be an ordinary, standard label with additional identification with dots of specified diameter and height, but it can also be an additional sticker on transparent film, affixed on the proper label.

Clear labels for  special "no label" look
Clear labels can be manufactured from polyethylene, which makes them extremely flexible and suitable for a multitude of application and they can be die-cut to the most weird and wonderful shapes and sizes

Label with temperature indicator
A certain part of label is printed with special  thermochromic paint, which depending on the temperature at which the product is located (refrigerator, freezer, sun) , can change the color to show when food or drink is suitable for consumption.

Scented labels
Scratch & Sniff. Scented labels are partially or completely coated with a fragrance. In form of oil or capsules added to the varnish they support the perception of your products.
Scented labels come in all shapes and sizes and have a variety of applications.