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We offer the shrink film sleeves used for irregularly shaped packages, which are applied on the packaging, and adjust to its shape under temperature.

The shrink sleeve label can take different shapes and shades of colours. Print can cover the whole label. The upper part of the sleeve placed on a cup or another closing of the container can be perforated so that it becomes a protective seal.

With the shrinking of the label on the package it adjusts perfectly to the shape of the container, and also allows you to use all the available space for printing, or promoting your product.
You can choose the suitable heat-shrinkable film (PVC, OPS, PETG) for the shrink sleeve label that will be suitable for a particular container.

The printing technique is 8-colour UV flexography.
Sleeve can be cut into segments from 40 mm to 500 mm long or more, or is supplied   in the non-cut form. The width of sleeves is from 40 mm to 250 mm or smaller.   The sleeve may have two kinds of perforation: longitudinal or transverse.

You can also use heat shrink labels such as promotional two-pack.