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The envelope is made by folding and glueing under pressure a perforated A4 sheet of paper. This sheet has a properly made perforation, printing, and an adhesive layer on the margins, allowing for folding and glueing it under pressure into the form of an envelope with the use of a device called pressure sealer. Masking printing protects confidential information contained within. The envelope is opened by tearing off the edges along perforation.

Non-envelope forms can be used as follows:
  • PIN forms
  • PUK forms
  • TAN
  • ZUS RMUA forms
  • payroll
TAN forms are sealer forms, mostly of A4 size with glue stripes and perforation, folded into "Z" shape.
In these forms there can be an integrated single or double side foiled card, designed for printing on laser printers. On the card you can enter any information (phone numbers, addresses, names, passwords, etc.). Thanks to perforation you can easily separate the card from the basic print and carry it on you.