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promotional labels - info

This range of products are recommended for use in marketing. Promotional labels are an effective way to increase sales of the product.Labels in this category  enhances the effectiveness of advertising by giving the customer an additional incentive to purchase through a discount coupon or information about promotional offers. Their aim is to favor the product on the shelf and draw the customer's attention through eye catching design, color printing and "catchy slogan" the reward or promotion.

Promotional labels can be made of fluorescent papers which  drawing the consumer's attention.
The construction of a promotional labels can be as simple as a single layer labels, or can be in the form of coupon labels, booklet labels or folded booklet labels, as well as, temporary and dry-release labels and tags. The construction is also composed of permanent and removable adhesives and be foiling, embossing and de-embossing as a starter. Our base of  ready-made dies, punches and cutting tools is really wide.The labels can also have variable consecutive numbering or variable information.
We have possibility to  printing on the side with adhesive and make high quality printing using colors from the catalog of PANTONE, use colors in  full CMYK or use fluorescent paint.

If your exact requirements are not listed on our site please contact us – as we can supply labels of any variation including size, material, print colour etc.