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PIN envelopes

These forms are used mostly by banks and other financial institutions to send PIN numbers for cards or accounts.

Most PIN envelopes are produced in the form of continued forms, with slides on both sides, to print on dot-matrix printers, and secured with an additional grill, with perforations along and across, fastened with crimlock (cuts on paper), while the second and the third layers are glued. Carbon is laid in hot technology, which ensures long durability and legibility of data.

The size of the envelope and the number of layers are adjusted to customer requirements.

However, PIN envelopes may also be printed as non-envelope forms, i.e. pressure sealer, adapted for printing on laser printers. This kind of envelope has the format of the letter "Z" formed of an A4 sheet, folded and glued under pressure, additionally equipped with adhesive strips, longitudinal and transverse perforations and a window made of special foil, under which there is a PIN number. You get the access to the PIN number by tearing off the plastic grille. Any unauthorized interference with access to the foil window is visible as it leaves a permanent trace and it is an irreversible process. The entire envelope is a 3-page booklet, which is opened by tearing off the side and top strips along perforations.