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for printing on dot-matrix printers

Envelopes are made in the form of continues forms and are designed for printing on standard dot-matrix printers.

The size of envelopes and of boxes for non-confidential information (name, department, address of the employee) is adjusted to the payroll software used by the company.
Date mailer consists of a non confidential part, which includes information to be kept in files or destroyed and of a two-side glued envelope which can only be opened by tearing off the perforated edge or by tearing/ cutting off the edges.
Our forms  may contain in addition details , for example working time, a list of due social security contributions, with their base an the amount of the health care contribution and also the payer's statement on the reliability of the given information and payer's signature and stamp, and other information. .
We can also put the facsimile signature on the envelope and stamp.

Any type of envelopes are made to individual order placing for free company logo on the envelope, and adjusting the size of the envelope to an existingpayroll  computer program.
To meet the needs of our customers we offer also standard envelope sizes, without any printing company.

We produce confidential payroll envelopes to print on dot-matrix printers dimensions as follows:    210 mm x 4 "
  •     240 mm x 4 "
  •     250 mm x 4 "
  •     240 mm x 6 "
  •     250 mm x 6 "
  •     280 mm x 6 "
  •     220 mm x 8 "
  •     250 mm x 8 "
  •     240 mm x 12 "