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About company

Welcome to the website of the company CETRA.
The company has been operating on the market since 1996. It has been developing dynamically and is  noting the constant growth of revenue. For many years we have been able to develop a solid brand, increasing the number of our regular customers.
We constantly do our best to meet the growing market demands and customer expectations and to expand lines of the products we offer. We keep improving procedures, raising standards of our operations and pay special attention to the quality of the product. We are constantly working to raise the standard of service to our customers.

The basis of the business of CETRA Sp. z o.o. are the printing products and services. We make all kinds of printed and packaging materials, including the implementation of the design for a variety of materials with different formats and colors with the desired degree of security. Our print houses have a modern, fully-automated printing equipment and our own graphic design studio. Rich and complex specialized equipment enables the production of a wide range of packaging materials with the possibility of adding various elements to our printed materials, including perforation, numbering, painting, stamping.

Our main offer includes the following products:
Printed matters:
  • continuous forms such as data mailer
  • PIN envelopes for PIN numbers
  • forms with extra features such as insert, bar codes, numbering, scratch-off, holograms
  • voting sheets
  • insurance policies
Documents, cards and forms of a very high degree of security
  • Biometric passports
  • ID cards
  • driving licenses
  • vehicle registration cards
  • insurance documents and cards
  • motorway vignette
  • bank-notes
  • fiscal and postage stamps
  • cheques, shares, bonds
  • tachograph cards
  • health insurance cards
  • self-adhesive labels on various materials (paper and self- adhesive, thermal, PE, PP, PVC foil)
  • wrap up and shrink sleeve labels
The techniques: screen, flexo, offset, digital print. They are packed on reels.
On the labels we use hot-stamping techniques, varnishing, lamination, embossing, perforation and protective elements such as temper evident label, holograms, microprint, guilloche, seals, personalization, bar code and data matrix code, scratch-off

Printed matters for lottery and prize games
We offer scratch-offs of a high quality, easy to remove without smudging, with the use of UV protected paint or varnished with coating: individual or in a series.. Printed matters for lottery games are protected by graphic elements, numbering, bar codes, coatings, etc.
  • Express lottery tickets: individual or in a series
  • Lottery tickets with a »pull-off« window and lottery tickets with a window and coating
  • Cut-out lottery tickets
  • Prize game tickets: Lotto, Bingo, tombola tickects
Flexible Materials - packaging foil

Motorway magnetic stripes

Aluminum tubes, aerosol cans

PE plastic gloves for medical, veterinary, cosmetic industry  (i.e. instructions for hair dyes)

Tea envelopes and tea tags